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The #midiwarez wiki - the eternal quest for the thruth.
Warez news up until 2002 - jailarity.
The really old site with Radium and Zone info - further jailarity

Alternatively, heres about a million things to listen to made by people from #midiwarez

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october 2008fb0y69-hangoversounds_dub_one.mp3
may 2008bobule67-bobule-orvilleloops.mp3
may 2008rad95-rad-dysprosium.mp3
august 2008orb95-orb-defying_logic.mp3
june 2008elz59-kobold_stage_18.mp3
april 2008efex87-efex_just_a_Progression.mp3
 gmanual77-_gmanual_ - The Great Sioux Nation - RCC43.mp3
june 2008fb0y47-fb0y-rcc-twice_in_a_weekend.mp3
april 2005torqtorq-nerdles-push_your_buttons.mp3
november 2005LodeLode-Reprisal.mp3
february 2005imsorryimsorry-out_of_control.mp3
july 2005LodeLode-Voyageur_Francais.mp3
february 2005the secret lifethe_secret_life-something_beautiful.mp3
april 2005IrrelevantIrrelevantAKAIchirou-CommonManGetAlive.mp3
january 2006rozzerRozzer-Orchy_Glitchy_HopHip.mp3
february 2006elzelz-deathwillkillyou.mp3
june 2004SirReelIgor_Pogosyan(SirReel)-Iridescent_Blue.mp3
february 2006Xlord & j4yc33Xlord&j4yc33-mohammed_went _down_to_georgia.mp3